The Lady is Back!

I haven't been around this blog for years. Mainly because, after a couple of changes, I've landed at a place where I'm no longer "a lady on the phone"... or not usually!

However, I am attached to this blog and have often promised to post here my work-related posts from elsewhere, but never got down to translating them all into English!

So, as I feel I could explain little things here that have nothing to do with my main blogs, I've decided to translate quickly (with Google's help and then a final checkup) some of the posts I'd thought of passing onto here, and from there on I'll update here now and then, with those little things like the doctor who prefers phoning me and having  little chat to explain his problems so that I pass them onto my boss or the Project Manager, although he has been told dozens of times I can't solve his problems but the PM might be able to!

But I'll be back on this and much more. Soon. Ish.

I'm back.

Today's Dilbert


This week I made the effort to actually visit Expo Secretaria in Barcelona, as I was not too sure what I would find there.

It happened to be better than expected, I actually did find some contacts I needed for my Monday meeting... and bumped into suppliers for offices I used to work at. Bosses were surprised to see my waltz in the next morning, with a bagful of gadgets and ideas for our stand in Madrid in November... which we have been discussing at three meetings so far, and have another meeting on Monday to present my ideas.

The corniest bit was the titles the speeches and congress workshops had. Or the pink, plastic bracelet one stand gave me -Yuck!

First week balance

I started last Friday, so we can consider I've worked at my new office for a week now. The doubt comes from the long week-end, as Monday was a bank holiday.

The office itself is great -my part. It's nice, well designed, daylight streaming in through the window/wall... and good, comfortable, efficient furniture. Which in Spain is not that easy to find in an office!

The people at the firm are really helpful and nice. Silence is the thing that most shocks me -again, in Spain...- and how the team is so young, but am realizing how and why. Am really glad to start working here now, as they are just starting to implement new procedures and quality control processes for virtually everything, from documents to contacts' information... which is really needed. No way to find out where the Canon card or warranty was for this fax machine that seems to be almost new but sticks all the time -hey, if it's new, get it seen to!

The location is really convenient to me, and though there shall be no summer hours -many Spanish companies work only from 8 to 15 in August, or July/August- there are other things that compensate.

Finally, I have noticed how many of my suggestions as to implementing this system rather than that one, or how to optimize certain procedures, have been taken with surprised delight. They were looking for someone who'd get involved with the re-structuring of the company's systems, and they found Me, a suggest-aholic, so they are beaming every time I say 'Actually...'

So? I am really glad I took this job, and didn't jump to one of the other two offers I got the first day at this company.

The Lady Has Found A Job

...So I shall be back at work, and less likely to post. Even less, I know. What shall happen in the near future, probably, is what I had originally thought of: posting here a whatever I write concerning work at my other blogs.

Have a toast on The Lady!

And suddenly...

After yawning away my cvs, I suddenly have four interviews in three days, plus another two ahead of me next week, plus contacts from other companies who shall get in touch soon to coordinate meetings in Bcn.

Have literally been late to an interview because I was contacted on the phone just as I was walking into the underground TWICE this week. Now, let's see if I finally get one of these jobs. Some have interesting salaries or bonuses, some other are interesting because they involve art galleries, publishers... but pay less. I should start thinking of sticking to whatever comes first, if they don't make their minds up soon.

By the way, the Cuban project starts to have a bit more consistency. And if I did get the job at a local gallery, then I could wrap it up better when I got down to free-lancing for the Cuban artists project. Now that would make it a third positive point towards this offer, as I had already considered the fact of working with art and the fact of being close to my son's school, in my favourite area in Barcelona. The negative sides are the lower salary, compared to other processes I am in, and the working hours -one Saturday a month, I'd have to work all day long.

Quiet week

Only had one interview, this week. And not for an interesting job, either.

I guess all the tension in Vatican is keeping our employers busy -hooked on the tv.